The Whitebait Wriggle by Amber McEwan


illustrated by Stephanie Bowman

Ian, Billy and Ginny, and Keri and Sheri have just set off on the journey of a lifetime. Tiny, little whitebait swimming all the way from the oceans around New Zealand to our rivers and streams.

Wriggling and darting through
the waves and the foam,
They all swim together 
in search of a home.

Ian the inanga was silver and dotty,
Giant kōkopu Ginny was dark brown and spotty.
The banded kōkopu Billy, the kōaro called Keri.
And the shortjaw kōkopu answered to Sheri.

Join our tiny whitebait as they undertake their quest to find a home. Share in the wonder as Ian, Billy and Ginny, and Keri and Sheri grow into five beautiful native fish.

About Amber...

Amber McEwan is a freshwater biologist who is passionate about conservation, particularly of New Zealand's freshwater ecosystems. After her first child was born she realised that, while there were a number of children's books about kiwi and tuatara and other New Zealand native animals, there was nothing about our beautiful native fish. So, Amber set about writing a series of books, the first of which aims to share the really exciting story of New Zealand galaxiid fish with those who will be looking after them in the future - kids.

Paperback | 210 x  270 mm | 978-0-9922610-1-5 | 19 August 2013 | Non-fiction  | 24 pages |

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