What's that living in my Stream? Invertebrates by Amber McEwan


Hey! Did you know that there are      lots of amazing creepy crawly creatures living in our streams?

Our waterways are not just home to native fishes, but to an incredible range of animals called invertebrates - animals without a backbone! Even some of the insects we think of as being inhabitants of the air and bush actually live part of their lives in the water.

Freshwater invertebrates are those animals that live in freshwater environments, such as rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, wetlands, hot springs, ditches – sometimes even puddles! And they include creatures such as craneflies, caddisflies and mosquitos.

We also have jellyfish, crabs, freshwater limpets, mussels and clams, as well as the hydra - a freshwater relative of the anemone. Many New Zealanders have never seen us, know about us or even know where to look for us. 

So, come and have a look and see what other cool animals you can find in a stream, river, lake or puddle near you.

About Amber...

Amber McEwan is a freshwater biologist who is passionate about conservation, particularly of New Zealand's freshwater ecosystems. After her first child was born she realised that, while there were a number of children's books about kiwi and tuatara and other New Zealand native animals, there was nothing about our beautiful native fish. So, Amber set about writing a series of books - this one on freshwater invertebrates is the fourth - which share the really exciting story of New Zealand freshwater life with those who will be looking after them in the future - kids.

Paperback | 210 x  270 mm | 978-0-9922610-7-8 | 15 August 2017 | Non-fiction  | 40 pages |

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