Discover the great kiwi backyard! June 03 2021

Are you exploring more of our great kiwi backyard this July school holidays?

If you are setting off to explore more of our beautiful country take Discover NZ with you.

We've just had new stock of Discover NZ delivered, with brand new photos from around the country on the back of each card. It is a great game for travel and home, revealing some of the wonder of New Zealand.

Discover NZ is a uniquely New Zealand game, with 100 cards and 400 questions – ALL about New Zealand. These questions aren’t trivia, but are good general knowledge questions from a range of areas. The questions are set at four different levels – so that anyone from primary school age upwards can play. There are 8 different ways to play including solo, teams and individuals, and 2 or more people - from 8 years and over - can play.


Christmas Orders December 14 2020

All of Papawai Media's products are in stock! No waiting for container ships to dock, containers to unload and for stores to get stock. To get orders for Christmas you must order by Friday the 18th of December. Orders received after that date may not be delivered in time for Christmas, so order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Conservation Week/Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Tūroa August 05 2020

Mark this years Conservation Week than to learn about our amazing native fish and freshwater invertebrates. Check out Amber McEwan's books on our amazing native fish in our online shop...

Papawai Media and Covid-19 Lockdown March 26 2020

Kia ora, despite the national lockdown that started on Wednesday night, 25th of March, we are currently still able to fill orders for books and games. Papawai Media is a home-based business and we are working in isolation as required. Our courier service is still operating, although pick-ups and deliveries may be delayed as they prioritise essential services and businesses. We will be fulfilling and despatching orders in an entirely contactless manner, so we can still receive and process your order and send it out without the need to have any direct contact with anyone else. If you have bored kids at home feel free to place an order for our educational books and games to help keep them entertained and learning. In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy. Kia Kaha.
Ngā mihi - Papawai Media

Kiwi Quiz is back in stock! September 05 2019

Kiwi Quiz has landed and is back in stock. The fully revised and updated, 2019 version has finally hit our shelves, so order yours now.

Click here to find out more about Kiwi Quiz and add the game to your cart.



Popular Edugames bought by Papawai Media February 15 2019

Papawai Media is thrilled to announce that we have bought Edugames – a fabulous family of games created in New Zealand for New Zealander’s and visitors alike. We think that the Edugames family are a perfect fit for Papawai and a natural complement for our books. We’ve even changed our name from Papawai Press to Papawai Media to reflect the addition of Edugames to our catalogue.

Amber's new book and a game! August 15 2017

Amber McEwan has been busy with a new book in production - What's Living in my Stream? Invertebrates which is hot off the press. A follow-up to her other books on New Zealand's native freshwater fauna, Invertebrates lets you in to the fascinating world of our tiniest and probably most overlooked freshwater creatures.

Freshwater invertebrates include creatures such as craneflies, caddisflies and mosquitos, who spend part of their life cycle in water. there are also have jellyfish, crabs, freshwater limpets, mussels and clams, as well as the hydra - a freshwater relative of the anemone. Many New Zealanders have never seen these creatures, know about them or even know where to look for them. 

As well as the book, Amber has produced a card game - Go Whitebait! This is a great game for learning about the environments in which our native galaxiid fish - these are ones that were once whitebait - can be found. Whitebait grow into beautiful little fish that live in our lakes, rivers and streams, so Go Whitebait will help kids learn about the different habitats these fish prefer to live in.




Three FANTASTIC new children's picture books! December 12 2016

It has been a busy, busy month with the release of three beautifully illustrated children's picture books:

Jane Thorne was involved with two of these books, illustrating both Kapowai's Gold and Flies in his Eyes.

Kapowai's Gold is the second in the series about Kapowai the Dragonfly and tells the story of what she finds when she goes in search of gold at the end of the rainbow. A quintessential story about what is really important in life.



Flies in His Eyes

Flies in His Eyes is a first time book for Ian Smith, and Jane Thorne's stunning illustrations bring to life this simple story of frustration with an annoying insect; we all know how that feels, but beware, there is a twist, and this book comes with a warning that it is only for the bravest of young children.


Eel Song by Amber McEwan

The third of our new releases is Amber McEwan's fourth book, Eel Song. Amber has used illustrations by Sonia Frimmel before, but this time Sonia's beautiful pictures take centre stage and tell the story of our endangered native longfin eels as eloquently as Amber's verse.


 All books are in stock and can be ordered online. Click on the links in this story and add them to your cart.

From Monkey to Moth - new book by Hugh Major April 07 2016

From Monkey to Moth: an imaginal evolution

Hugh Major's second book was published and March and will be officially launched at the Takapuna Library on the 9th of April.

Where have all the whitebait gone? August 15 2014

Whitebait season opened today and many whitebaiters may be asking themselves, “where have all the whitebait gone?” With predictions that it will be only an average season, it’s a very pertinent question.

Hugh Major places third in the 2013 Ashton Wylie Book Awards! August 16 2013

Hugh Major' book, Notes on the Mysterium Tremendum, places third in the 2013 Ashton Wylie Book Awards!

The Travelling Tuna Tapestry March 20 2013

Velvet's Travelling Tuna Tapestry is a taniwha-sized longfin eel made of recycled cloth constructed by over 5000 people within and beyond New Zealand. The tapestry not only depicts a velvety longfin eel, but also showcases the great diversity of wildlife found in New Zealand's water. School groups, museums, and individuals all around the country, from Kaitaia to Invercargill, added panels to the tapestry as it travelled around New Zealand from 2011 through 2013.

Notes on the Mysterium Tremendum July 15 2012

Two Kinds of Mystery, Three Kinds of Epiphany...

                    ...Miracles and Reality

                                              ...Irrational Reasoning

"Our journey in consciousness is too profound and multifarious to fit into one theory or be accounted for by one system of thought"

Tropical fusion cuisine just in time for summer! October 12 2011

Beautifully presented with photographs from the Pacific Island of Aitutaki, the tasty recipes in Sonja's Kitchen are based on ingredients available in your garden or most supermarkets and fresh food stalls. These delectable dishes can be made in your own kitchen with very little effort and great nutritional rewards for everyone.

Focus On Healing Book Reviews April 01 2010

Are you interested in an alternative approach to healing? Perhaps you have suffered a serious or long term illness and thought about exploring healing strategies alongside those in the mainstream. This user-friendly, visually attractive book will appeal to people who are open to exploring holistic approaches to healing with a focus on self-help and personal empowerment using a range of safe, natural and preferably low cost therapies.

Growing Gardeners Book Launch August 20 2008

Every organic garden is a miniature ecosystem. When we learn about how nature's cycles apply to our gardens, we are able to grow fresh organic food in healthy garden ecosystems.

In magical organic gardens nature provides new lessons every day, such as how organic gardens depend on nature's cycles for everything from making soil and fixing nitrogen to pollinating plants, how organic gardens can slow climate change.

Education and whole food nutrition the answer March 12 2008

With rates of childhood obesity and diabetes rising sharply and reported to be the next epidemics in this country, learning about how to care for our bodies has never been more relevant than now. Imagine knowing how your body works and what to eat to keep yourself healthy. What difference would this kind of knowledge make in your life?X

Feed Me Right Book Reviews October 01 2007

Feed Me Right is a clever mix of cool and entertaining illustrations and serious information. It teaches the all-important messages of the link between the food we eat and the health of our bodies. We are stepped through the different food types, what they are needed for and what our body does with them. This book would make an excellent classroom resource.

Education not Prohibition! June 14 2007

With rates of childhood obesity and diabetes rising sharply and reported to be the next epidemics in this country, learning about how to care for our bodies has never been more relevant than now. Imagine knowing how your body works and what to eat to keep yourself healthy. What difference would this kind of knowledge make in your life?

The Latest Tool in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity May 08 2007

The book Feed Me Right provides all the nutritional know-how and body science needed to help children avoid the obesity epidemic. Feed Me Right is not preachy or prescriptive but empowers children (and their parents) to make better food choices which will lead them down a path of lifelong wellness.

Feed Me Right Wellington Book Launch May 08 2007

Ms Kedgley held a copy of Feed Me Right throughout her talk and declared her whole-hearted support for the book, advocating that "every school and every family should have a copy."

"I believe this is the most comprehensive book on health and wellness for adolescents that we have seen," Ms Kedgley said.


Papawai Press Launch April 19 2007

Feed Me Right, published by new company Papawai Press, was launched by 102 year Zella Roberts who attributes her astonishing health and longevity to a diet of fresh produce and wholefoods.