Time Zone Test Answers

The correct order for the events in the Time Zone test is

A. Abolition of slavery in British Empire 1807

I. Napoleon defeated at Waterloo. Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo. 1815

E. Treaty of Waitangi. The Treaty of Waitangi is signed. 1840

G. West Coast explorers. Thomas Brunner, Charles Heaphy & William Fox begin their exploration of the West Coast of the South Island.  1846

C. Women vote. New Zealand becomes the first self-governing nation in the world where women have the right to vote. 1893

F. First modern Olympics. The first Olympic games of the modern era take place. 1896

H. The Great Depression. The Great Depression begins in North America and Europe. 1929

J. Hawke’s Bay earthquake. 1931

D. First satellite.  The Soviet Space Program launches the world’s first man-made satellite. 1957

B. TV. Regular television broadcasts begin in NZ. 1960