Kiwi Quiz Sample Questions

Level 1 (designed for 8 year olds to answer about 50% correctly)

What is a moana? (a lake, sea or ocean)

Which sport do the Tall Blacks play? (Basketball)

What island of NZ has the most people living on it? (The North Island)

What is the name of the Strait between the North & South Islands? (Cook Strait)


Level 2 (designed for 12 year olds to answer about 50% correctly)

Forts were built along NZ coastline from 1885 to defend NZ from possible attack by which country? (Russia)

Which kiwi variety is the smallest? (a – North Island Brown, b – Tokoeka, c – Little Spotted, d – Great Spotted)

What is the common NZ spiral shape, inspired by fern shoots, which signifies new growth? (Koru)

Why were NZ children given milk to drink at school from 1937 to 1967? (To improve their health)


Level 3 (designed for adults to answer about 80% correctly)

What was introduced in 1982 to curb inflation in NZ? (A 12-month wage, price & rent freeze)

Who was the leader of the Labour Government elected in 1972? (Norman Kirk)

Why did the visit of the USS Truxton prompt protests in 1976? (Because it was a nuclear warship)

Where in the Antarctic is Scott Base? (McMurdo Sound)


Level 4 (designed for adults to answer about 25% correctly)

Who was NZ’s longest-serving Prime Minister? (Richard Seddon – from 1893 to 1906)

What is the name of NZ’s first marine reserve? (Cape Rodney-Okakari Point Marine Reserve – Also known as Goat Island or Leigh Marine Reserve)

Who is one of NZ’s most successful children’s writers, author of over 150 titles since her first book ‘A Lion in the Meadow’ was published in 1969? (Margaret Mahy – her books have been translated into 15 languages)

What town is home to the Māori Kingitanga or King Movement? (Ngāruawāhia)