Brit Quiz




Brit Quiz is the British equivalent of Kiwi Quiz.

How well do you know the UK? test your British friends & relatives…. Brit Quiz is a unique quiz game, with a broad range of questions about relevant topics

  • Educational – good educational material all about Britain (not trivia)
  • 1600 Questions and Answers on 400 cards
  • Questions cover England, Scotland & Wales
  • Topics covered include History, Geography, Sports, Birds, Fauna, Animals, Politics, Famous people, Film, Music, Place Names, Climate, Art, Business, Quotes, Literature, Technology, World First’s, Disasters, General Knowledge
  • 4 different levels of challenge – designed so adults and children can easily play together
  • Ages: 8 to 108   |  Players: 2 to many
  • Full instructions on how to play, including six different game variations


“Really impressed with [Brit Quiz], it’s a compact size and is so versatile. You can choose how long or short the game is, and of course how many players. It’s perfect for a 10-minute game or one that goes on for hours. Great selection of questions at 4 different levels on each card, so again it lends itself to being played with a variety of different ages and abilities. Both mine and my children’s general knowledge has improved since playing the game. Can’t recommend it highly enough.”

- HomeEddin, on Amazon.


“What a great idea, similar to Trivial Pursuit and a game we could learn from. Really liked the design, packaging outlines what game is all about and good website. The game can be played in different ways. This was ideal for us as we are all mad on English history, always watching historical programmes and both our boys love to read about the history and events in the past. For us is was a great game to play, some of the questions were difficult but gave us all a chance to learn more. Loads of topics covered and we even roped in Granny and Grandpa. As a family we enjoyed playing this game and has now become a regular game we get out when we are entertaining too as always fun when play in teams. Superb quality and a winner with all of us. Easy to understand how to play the game, good quality box and easy to keep everything safe until used again. When playing in teams great fun and some of the younger members of the family had fun learning new things. A hit with us and good value for money. One we will certainly be playing with guests this Christmas.”

    - Louise Mills; mother of Charlie & James aged 14 & 16 Years.