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 Kiwi Quiz is a great AWARD WINNING educational card game designed and made in New Zealand to support the New Zealand School Curriculum. Designed for adults and children from primary age upwards, Kiwi Quiz combines education with the fun and excitement of a game.

Kiwi Quiz is a uniquely New Zealand game, with 400 cards and 1600 questions ALL about New Zealand. These questions aren’t trivia, but are good general knowledge questions from a range of areas. The questions are set at four different levels – so that anyone from primary school age upwards can play.

You can see some sample questions here.

    The purpose of Kiwi Quiz is to provide an opportunity for adults and children to have fun and learn about New Zealand. We hope that Kiwi Quiz will help foster an appreciation of New Zealand’s uniqueness, bringing out a sense of interest and pride in New Zealand.

    Topics covered include: History , Geography , Sports , Birds, Animals, Fauna, Politics, Famous people, Music , Māori, Film, Place Names, Literature, Climate, Business, Art, Technology, Disasters, World First’s, Quotes , Music, General Knowledge

      Kiwi Quiz for schools

      Kiwi Quiz© – an educational game that teaches general knowledge about New Zealand:

      • Designed and made for New Zealand
      • Broad range of questions about relevant topics
      • Not trivia – but good educational material
      • 1600 Questions and Answers on 400 cards in a convenient box
      • Extra interesting information is included with the answers
      • 4 different levels of challenge
      • Ages: 8 to 108
      • Players: 2+ (and can be played in teams, used as class quiz, tests etc)
      • Designed so adults and children can easily play together
      • Supports the New Zealand School Curriculum
      • Full instruction on how to play, plus suggestions for other methods of play
      • Winner of the NZ Games Association 2010 Children’s Choice Award
      • Winner of the NZ Games Association 2011 Teacher’s Choice Award



      “Last week we bought an Edugames Kiwi Quiz. It has been great fun and we have a challenge each evening after dinner to see who can get the 4 questions on a card correct”

      - Jan W, Invercargill


      Kiwi Quiz presents a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to play a knowledge game on an even footing. The choice of question level on each card allows children of all ages to contribute equally to the team. That the large, well-researched question bank supports the NZ curriculum is an added bonus.”

      - Peter Clague, Senior School Principal, Kristin School


      “The Kiwi Quiz is a wonderful game suitable for children and adults. We are also keen to use it in our school as great brain break exercises for senior children, helping extend their New Zealand general knowledge with short, concise information about the answers. This looks like a ‘must’ for every senior classroom.”

      - Aaron Kemp, Principal, Vauxhall Primary School