Nature’s Techno Tricks: Biomimetics - Science Mimicking Nature by Dee Pigneguy


What have kingfishers got to do with Japan's 500 Series Shinkansen bullet train?

And is Spiderman more like a spider or a gecko?

And what does any of this have to do with Leonardo da Vinci?

Just like Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th and early 17th centuries, today's scientists and engineers are realising that nature hold the keys to some of the best ideas. Nature wastes nothing and uses minimal energy.

This growing scientific field is called biomimetics; the study and application of designs found in nature in order to solve modern problems in engineering, materials, science, medicine and other fields.

This book helps you discover some of nature's best designs and how they have inspired scientists and engineers.

Nature's Techno Tricks was written by Dee Pignéguy, an ex-teacher and author of several books, including Feed Me Right: Nutritional Know-how and Body Science, Growing Gardeners and Gardening for Planet Earth.

Nature's Techno Tricks was voted a 2010 Storylines Notable Book in the non-fiction category, for authoritative, well-designed information books accessible to children and young adults.

Paperback | 190 x  240mm |  62 pages | ISBN 978-0-9582966-1-8 | 10 August 2009 | Science and Discovery for children and adolescents  |

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