Saltwater In Her Hair by Dee Pignéguy


Saltwater in Her Hair captures the personal stories of women who have accepted the challenge of achieving success at sea. No stranger to the sea herself, Dee Pignéguy writes with compassion and authority, as she herself has had to confront many of the challenges these women have faced when choosing to be part of the maritime industry.

Saltwater in Her Hair is not just about frilly things hanging in the engineroom, or being better than men, rather it's about recognising the challenges men would not normally face. It is an insight into dealing with harassment, developing relationships, maintaining marriages and caring for children while continuing to work in their chosen sea-going careers. Saltwater in Her Hair makes a valuable contribution to this country's maritime history. - Keith Ingram, Editor, NZ Professional Skipper magazine

Saltwater in Her Hair reveals the trials, tribulations and triumphs of women achieving a way of life for themselves in an industry which has long been regard as a male preserve. It is a well illustrated, fascinating and informative book which will have universal appeal to readers, especially those who "go down to the sea in ship". -- Captain Jim Varney JP. Master Mariner

Paperback | 256 x  210mm |  160 pages | ISBN 0-9582277-0-5 | 2000 | Non-fiction


Distributed by Papawai Press on behalf of the author.

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