The Four Bad Company by Donald Armstrong


"Before anyone could move, Henry, staring at the approaching pirate ship, saw something that made his blood run cold. From a shadowy black form on the fore-deck of the pirate ship came a flash of fire and then, as if in slow motion, a cannon-ball soared towards them.

The main-mast, broken at the base, began to topple... and Henry, in the crow's nest... gulped a lungful of air and jumped.

He clung to his spar, numb in body and soul. He was alive, but for what? Everything he had was gone."

Washed up on the shores of a strange land, Henry is more dead than alive. 

It is 1776 and sixteen-year old Henry Wood is soon to meet three of the most important people in his life. 

Spanning a century and a half, this historical novel carries the four "brothers" - Henry, Paul, Armand and Louis - from England and  France to Spain, Tangiers, Corsica, South East Asia and on to the South Pacific, telling the story of the adventures and tragedies, lives and loves of Les Quatre Mechants or The Four Bad Company.

"... a great read that will delight readers of historic adventure..." - Graeme Beals, Managing Director, Zenith Publishing Group

This is a well-researched novel set between 1774 and 1900 with historically accurate. political and social context. Particular care has been taken with the descriptions of sailing vessels and the lives of the crew of the various ships that feature, giving insight into life aboard sailing ships in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Acclaimed New Zealand artist Roger Morris, famous for his paintings and drawings of sailing ships, and author of several books on the subject, has kindly given his permission to reproduce several of his drawings in the book.

The story is set in Europe, the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific Islands, with brief reference to New Zealand.

Paperback | 148 x  210mm |  352 pages | ISBN 978-0-9582806-9-3 | August 2008 | Adult Fiction: Historical novel | 

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