Focus On Healing by Jennifer Barraclough


Focus on Healing will be of interest to anyone with a personal or professional interest in natural healthcare, especially to those with long-term medical illness who are looking for practical guidance about self-help using mind-body methods and the holistic approach. Elements of this approach include:

  • considering each person as a unique individual - not just as a 'case' of a certain disease;
  • considering the whole person - emotions, mind and spirit as well as physical body;
  • the belief that everyone is to some degree responsible for their own well-being;
  • having a sense of choice, control and active participation in treatment, whether with self-help and/or professional care;
  • favouring therapies which are safe, natural, and preferably low-cost, in preference to high-tech interventions;
  • realising that the illness experience can carry a personal meaning and be an opportunity for positive change.

This book aims to give a clear and balanced overview, considering both the merits and the potential hazards of a field which is often beset by misinformation and controversy. It is illustrated by the author's own experience, and some inspiring real-life stories of individual healing journeys.

Author Information     

Jennifer Barraclough is a Bach flower practitioner, life coach and healer in Devonport, Auckland. Before coming to New Zealand she worked as an orthodox doctor in England, with many years' experience of clinical practice, teaching, writing and research and a special interest in the psychological aspects of cancer and other medical conditions. 

Jennifer has authored, co-authored and edited a number of books including Enhancing Cancer Care: Complementary Therapy & Support (Oxford University Press, 2007), The Psycho-immunology of Cancer (Oxford University Press, 2002), Integrated Cancer Care: Holistic, Complementary and Creative Approaches (Oxford University Press, 2001), Cancer and Emotion (John Wiley, 1998), and Hughes' Outline of Modern Psychiatry (John Wiley, 1996).

Paperback | 152 x  233mm |   | ISBN 978-0-9582966-4-9 | October 2009 | Adult Non-Fiction: Health/self-help | 186 pages incl index

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