EEL SONG by Amber McEwan | illustrated by Sonia Frimmel



High in the hills where the birds still speak,
In a hole, in a pool, in a silver-cold creek.
Tuna, longfin, taniwha sleeps,
Dark, dark, dark in the velvet deeps.
She feeds and she rests in the high hill ranges,
Grows old, old, old while the whole world changes.


Join Aotearoa’s amazing longfin eels on their migration from the silver-cold streams, rivers and lakes in which they grew up, to the tropical Pacific Islands far away. Once there, the longfins spawn and when the eggs hatch, tiny, leaf-like baby eels drift on ocean currents back to Aotearoa.

About Amber and Sonia...

Amber McEwan

Amber is a freshwater biologist who is passionate about conservation, particularly of New Zealand’s freshwater ecosystems. She has a special love and appreciation for eels, and does a lot of work trying to protect them from their various threats – especially longfin eels. Writing this book is just one more way for Amber to share her love and knowledge of the longfin eel, and the amazing migratory journey that this species undertakes. Her two small children love eels too, and enjoy feeding the local longfins in the stream at the bottom of their street.

Sonia Frimmel

Sonia is based in the Waikato – once the land of a thousand wetlands and eel/tuna heaven. She thinks she has the best job – researching, writing for, and designing signs and brochures about our nature and history; drawing pictures of birds, beasts and plants for signs and publications; and occasionally making colourful paintings of New Zealand’s wonderful wild places. This is her first foray into illustrating children’s books but she has published her own guidebook for walks and bike rides in the Waikato and King Country.

Paperback | 210 x 210 mm | 978-0-9922610-6-1 | 12 December 2016 | Fiction | 18 pages |

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