Three FANTASTIC new children's picture books! December 12 2016

It has been a busy, busy month with the release of three beautifully illustrated children's picture books:

Jane Thorne was involved with two of these books, illustrating both Kapowai's Gold and Flies in his Eyes.

Kapowai's Gold is the second in the series about Kapowai the Dragonfly and tells the story of what she finds when she goes in search of gold at the end of the rainbow. A quintessential story about what is really important in life.



Flies in His Eyes

Flies in His Eyes is a first time book for Ian Smith, and Jane Thorne's stunning illustrations bring to life this simple story of frustration with an annoying insect; we all know how that feels, but beware, there is a twist, and this book comes with a warning that it is only for the bravest of young children.


Eel Song by Amber McEwan

The third of our new releases is Amber McEwan's fourth book, Eel Song. Amber has used illustrations by Sonia Frimmel before, but this time Sonia's beautiful pictures take centre stage and tell the story of our endangered native longfin eels as eloquently as Amber's verse.


 All books are in stock and can be ordered online. Click on the links in this story and add them to your cart.