Notes on the Mysterium Tremendum July 15 2012

Two Kinds of Mystery, Three Kinds of Epiphany...

                    ...Miracles and Reality

                                              ...Irrational Reasoning

"Our journey in consciousness is too profound and multifarious to fit into one theory or be accounted for by one system of thought"

Focus On Healing Book Reviews April 01 2010

Are you interested in an alternative approach to healing? Perhaps you have suffered a serious or long term illness and thought about exploring healing strategies alongside those in the mainstream. This user-friendly, visually attractive book will appeal to people who are open to exploring holistic approaches to healing with a focus on self-help and personal empowerment using a range of safe, natural and preferably low cost therapies.

Feed Me Right Book Reviews October 01 2007

Feed Me Right is a clever mix of cool and entertaining illustrations and serious information. It teaches the all-important messages of the link between the food we eat and the health of our bodies. We are stepped through the different food types, what they are needed for and what our body does with them. This book would make an excellent classroom resource.