Feed Me Right Teacher Resource by Dee Pignéguy and Tamarin Pignéguy


Feed Me Right* provides a unique health and science program that recognises issues and problems common to today's youth.

Feed Me Right*:

  • supports teachers in their goal to produce healthy, confident kids.
  • provides accurate and unbiased information about nutrition and body science.
  • is the perfect tool to involve families and parents in helping their kids to make healthy choices.

The Feed Me Right Teacher Resource sets out the ways in which Feed Me Right links to the strands of the New Zealand health and science curriculum with links from specific strands in levels 3 through 8 to the relevant pages in Feed Me Right. The Teacher Resource includes:

  • 16 Lesson Plans
  • 20 Worksheets
  • A selection of newspaper clippings
  • Four A4 colour posters.

*Feed Me Right has been replaced with Grow Me Well and the Teacher Resource can be used with Grow Me Well as well as with the original Feed Me Right.

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