Notes on the Mysterium Tremendum July 15 2012

Hugh Major's Notes on the Mysterium Tremendum was launched at Pathfinder Bookshop on the 15th of July 2012.

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by Nicholas Reid on 

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Hugh Major’s Notes on the Mysterium Tremendum is a book of philosophical and idealistic reflection, illustrated with the author’s own art works.

It has a number of essential themes, one of the most important of which is expressed in the introduction:

            “Our knowledge of the world is far exceeded by our ignorance of it, and this is what creates the very human need to dream, wonder and speculate. The closer we look at ourselves and our interconnection with the natural world, the more amazement and joy can be extracted from it.”      ...


by Mike Alexander in 

The Southland Times

Insights into the nature of reality can be elusive.  As one layer is peeled away, another reveals itself, and then another and another until seemingly nothing is left.


New Zealand author Hugh Major's Notes On The Mysterium Tremendum - the term used by Richard Otto to describe the awe-ful power of which we are the subjective reflection - is a clear and concise window into consciousness.    ...