From Monkey to Moth - new book by Hugh Major April 07 2016

From Monkey to Moth: an imaginal evolution

Hugh Major's second book was published and March and will be officially launched at the Takapuna Library on the 9th of April.

Materialism has become the ersatz religion of the Western world, one of its main tenets being the survival of the richest, while the supporting doctrine of materialist science is based on a grand mistake, which we nevertheless share due to the pervasive influence of the mass mind. We’ve been exiled to a superficial reality where nature is reduced to a resource, value is monetary and there is no spiritual depth. This book charts a pathway from rational, patriarchal thinking and materialist values to feminine principles of imagination, holism and the power of the inner self.

From Monkey to Moth, is already an Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust literary awards prizewinner as an unpublished manuscript in 2015. His first book, Notes on the Mysterium Tremendum, was also an Ashton Wylie prizewinner, and was a profound and fascinating introduction to the universe as inner experience as well as outer reality; very thoughtful and intelligent reflections on life and its mysteries and day to day happenings...  From Monkey to Moth promises to be every bit as fascinating and enlightening; a rich experience for anyone who wishes to further explore the nature of our lives and our place in the universe.