Amber's new book and a game! August 15 2017

Amber McEwan has been busy with a new book in production - What's Living in my Stream? Invertebrates which is hot off the press. A follow-up to her other books on New Zealand's native freshwater fauna, Invertebrates lets you in to the fascinating world of our tiniest and probably most overlooked freshwater creatures.

Freshwater invertebrates include creatures such as craneflies, caddisflies and mosquitos, who spend part of their life cycle in water. there are also have jellyfish, crabs, freshwater limpets, mussels and clams, as well as the hydra - a freshwater relative of the anemone. Many New Zealanders have never seen these creatures, know about them or even know where to look for them. 

As well as the book, Amber has produced a card game - Go Whitebait! This is a great game for learning about the environments in which our native galaxiid fish - these are ones that were once whitebait - can be found. Whitebait grow into beautiful little fish that live in our lakes, rivers and streams, so Go Whitebait will help kids learn about the different habitats these fish prefer to live in.