Papawai Press Launch April 19 2007

Papawai Press announced their arrival with the launch of six books at a gala event at Takapuna Library on Auckland's North Shore on the 18th of April, 2007.

Following the welcome to the Library by Helen Woodhouse, Papawai Press was officially launched and the authors presented their books.  First, five children's books by author Louisa Warren were presented to the gathering:

Then Feed Me Right was introduced by the authors Dee and Tamarin Pigneguy, and launched by 102 year Zella Roberts who attributes her astonishing health and longevity to a diet of fresh produce and wholefoods.

Looking a decade or two younger than her 102 years, and in a strong voice that didn't require a microphone, the very sprightly centenarian described how a return to good, wholesome fresh foods cured her arthritis in her sixties.  

After the formalities were over the festivities began, and the 100 plus book lovers who attended the launch were treated to a feast of delectable finger food prepared by the authors in keeping with the tenets of their book - proof that unprocessed, wholefoods, without a plethora of additives and preservatives can be not only nutritious but delicious!




Feedback from the launch:

Last night I attended the launch of an amazing new book - Feed Me Right (Dee and Tarmarin Pigneguy). This book is a MUST for every parent and child to read. There has never been anything quite like this and I strongly recommend that you get yourself a copy.

We had a very special guest speaker at the launch - Zella Roberts born 7th December 1904 (yes the lady in the pics attached is 102 years of age). Zella got up and addressed the audience - how many of us have listened to someone of Zella's vintage telling us that she cured her arthritis by cutting white flour out of her diet.

Zella signed my book for me - handwriting that would put many young people to shame - saying "I got to 102 by eating real food".

All the best
John Appleton
IM Health Trustee, Auckland