Feed Me Right Wellington Book Launch May 08 2007

Dymocks, Wellington, 7 May 2007

Dymocks Bookshop in Lambton Quay hosted the Wellington launch of Papawai Press and our inaugural book release.  

It was our great pleasure to welcome Sue Kedgley as our guest speaker. Following the welcome by Dymocks' Manager, Bruce Caddy, Sue Claridge introduced Papawai Press with a brief summary of its genesis and aims as a boutique publisher of New Zealand books.

Louisa Warren presented her books to the gathering, explaining that they had their origins in her work as a teacher of English and of students with reading difficulties. In particular, Jack's Land was written for 12 to 14 year old boys wanting exciting storylines, and characters with which they could identify while improving their reading skills.

Tamarin Pigneguy spoke about the four years of research and writing that culminated in the publishing of Feed Me Right, pointing out that her own childhood, filled with fresh produce and wholefoods rather than the takeaways and junk food of many of her contemporaries, marked the beginning of her convictions about the importance of good nutrition.

Guest speaker, Sue Kedgley, Green MP, then spoke passionately about her concern for children's nutrition and the impact that this has on health. She believes that their should be more focus on teaching children about nutrition at school, a belief shared by Dee and Tamarin. 

Ms Kedgley held a copy of Feed Me Right throughout her talk and declared her whole-hearted support for the book, advocating that "every school and every family should have a copy."

"I believe this is the most comprehensive book on health and wellness for adolescents that we have seen," Ms Kedgley said.