The Latest Tool in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity May 08 2007

Press Release - 8 May 2007

Feed Me Right, written by Dee and Tamarin Pigneguy, and published by boutique publishers, Papawai Press, makes avoiding childhood obesity simple. The book was introduced to Wellingtonians last night (7 May) by Green MP, Sue Kedgley, at a book launch held at Dymocks bookshop, and provides all the nutritional know-how and body science needed to help children avoid the obesity epidemic. 

Although it was written with teenagers in mind it is a book for the whole family. Accurate and fully researched nutritional and body science is presented in an easy-to-read format, supported by brilliant, colourful and quirky illustrations. Feed Me Right is not preachy or prescriptive but empowers children (and their parents) to make better food choices which will lead them down a path of lifelong wellness.

Ms Kedgley declared her whole-hearted support for the book, advocating that "every school and every family should have a copy."

"I believe this is the most comprehensive book on health and wellness for adolescents that we have seen," Ms Kedgley said.

Two weeks ago at a gala launch event in Auckland, 102 year old Zella Roberts, told 120 guests that she "got to 102 by eating real food." Looking not a day over 75, and in a strong voice that didn't require a microphone, the very sprightly centenarian described how a return to good, wholesome fresh foods cured her arthritis several decades earlier.

Managing Director of Devonport-based Papawai Press, Sue Claridge, said that over 400 copies of Feed Me Right have been sold in the first four weeks since it became available. Prior to its official launches in Auckland and  Wellington, there had been strong interest from schools from around the country.

"Many schools have commented on how timely the release of Feed Me Right is and what a fantastic resource it is for the health and food technology parts of the curriculum," she said.

With increasing concern over burgeoning rates of diabetes, the announcement that food advertising during children's television programmes will be controlled, and almost daily media reports on the obesity problem among New Zealand youth, the publication of this book could not have been more appropriate or more timely. Feed Me Right provides parents, teachers and our young people with a practical, simple and safe way of attaining and maintaining a healthy and happy body.